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“I am proud to represent the National Association of Hispanic Federal Executives (NAHFE) in helping to take concrete steps to assist Federal agencies in recruiting and hiring qualified Hispanics to meet the unique challenges of the 21st Century.


I am inspired by the dedication and professionalism of NAHFE members who help  meet the  goals of the organization and position NAHFE to help Hispanics advance in their career within Federal Government, and to prepare them for the challenges ahead.”


-Al Gallegos


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P.O. Box 23270
Washington, DC 20026
Tel (202) 315-3942 




  • •   NAHFE was established in 1980 to advocate for the development and advancement of
  •      Hispanics to career senior level, policy-making positions in the federal government


  • •   Our goal is to energize, empower and inspire a new generation of Senior Executive Service
  •      (SES) professionals by creating an environment conducive to managing opportunities for
  •      the Hispanic community


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Immediate Past Event --

"Flash Mentoring" Workshop at Capitol Hill (US Capitol Visitors Center)
Friday, June 19, 2015
9:30 am to 11:30 am
US Capitol Visitors Center - Room HVC-215

Join Senior Executives from within all areas of the Federal government for a Flash Mentoring event.
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NAHFE will continue it's leadership mentoring program. NAHFE members will be selected to participate and matched with Senior Executive Service mentors. Stayed tuned for the announcement of application dates and qualifications coming very soon!

Past Events --

The "Cinco De Mayo" Breakfast at the State Department was very well attended and successful. Ambassador Gutierrez and Captain Rosales gave fantastic presentations. Our thanks to HECFAA (Hispanic Employees Council of Foreign Affairs Agencies) at the State Department for Co-Hosting the event.
Dear Colleagues:

NAHFE continues to work with OPM Director, Katherine Archuleta and the OPM HCFE (Hispanic Council on Federal Employment) on issues related to increasing the number of Hispanic executives in the Federal government.


Director Archuleta, briefed NHLA and NAHFE about OPM's efforts for Latino inclusion and representation in the federal government and plans for this year. We provided her with our strategic advice and feedback.

She briefed us on the new "REDI" program which reflects OPM's commitment to the People and Culture pillar of the President's Managements Agenda and has been inspired by the Director's conversations with Federal Employees and stakeholders across the country.

Al Gallegos
National President,
National Association of Hispanic Federal Executives