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Hispanics - One Voice, One Heart


“I am proud to represent the National Association of Hispanic Federal Executives (NAHFE) in helping to take concrete steps to assist Federal agencies in recruiting and hiring qualified Hispanics to meet the unique challenges of the 21st Century.


I am inspired by the dedication and professionalism of NAHFE members who help  meet the  goals of the organization and position NAHFE to help Hispanics advance in their career within Federal Government, and to prepare them for the challenges ahead.”


-Al Gallegos


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P.O. Box 23270
Washington, DC 20026
Tel (202) 315-3942 




  • •   NAHFE was established in 1980 to advocate for the development and advancement of
  •      Hispanics to career senior level, policy-making positions in the federal government


  • •   Our goal is to energize, empower and inspire a new generation of Senior Executive Service
  •      (SES) professionals by creating an environment conducive to managing opportunities for
  •      the Hispanic community


Upcoming Events

You are cordially invited to attend the National Hispanic Heritage Month Observance to be held at the National Science Foundation on Tuesday, September 9th  from 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.  Hispanics:  A Legacy of History, A Present of Action and A Future of Success.  The program will feature keynote speaker Veronica Villalobos, Director, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Office of Personnel Management, who will discuss how a diverse workforce can help you achieve your mission. She will also focus on how to utilize the diverse thoughts, ideas and talents of Hispanics in the workforce.


Members from other federal agencies who are interested in attending may attend in person or via WebEx.  Please RSVP to so that a visitor’s badge may be ordered for you.  Upon arrival, please report to the receptionist desk in the North Lobby of the building, and the receptionist will direct you to Stafford I, Room 375. 

NAHFE members joined other federal colleagues, and friends at the GALA Hispanic Theatre on Thursday, April 24, 2014 for an evening of the arts and to share the benefits of being part of the NAHFE familia. This gathering was a new idea, and a creative way to allow NAHFE members to get together in a social way and continue to develop strong federal employee relationships.  Many of the participants expressed that it was a relaxing way of building collegial relationships by sharing culture through the arts. 


NAHFE is planning a second outing to the GALA Hispanic Theatre on Thursday, September 11 to see the comedy, “Cancun.” If you would be interested in joining the group, please email  See attached flyer for more information. 



In May 2014, NAHFE launched a pilot leadership mentoring program. Five members were selected to participate and matched with Senior Executive Service mentors. The pilot is scheduled to wrap-up in November 2014. NAHFE plans to report on the results of the pilot to its membership in the months following.

Dear Colleagues:

I have spoken with the new OPM Director, Katherine Archuleta regarding her interest in working with NAHFE on issues related to increasing the number of Hispanic executives in the Federal government.  OPM is enthusiastic to work with NAHFE to meet our mutual goals and I look forward to reporting back on our progress. On behalf of NAHFE I wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving and holiday season.

Al Gallegos
National President,
National Association of Hispanic Federal Executives