2022 - Membership Application

To join or renew your NAHFE membership complete the steps below:

  1. Fill out the on-line application form and submit.
  2. Click on the PayPal button to pay for your membership fee.

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Annual Membership


GS-12's, GS-13's: $ 50.00

GS-14's, GS-15's and SES: $ 75.00


GS-12's Through SES: $ 25.00

This low cost option will enable GS-12's through GS-15's and SES members to attend all of our networking events free and experience our workshops/programs on a space available basis. Priority will be given to Full Members.


Federal,state,municipal and military employees in grades GS-12 to GS-15 or their equivalent, and Senior Executive Service (SES) members are eligible to join NAHFE's community.

For additional information, contact


  • Joint SEA (Senior Executive Association) events at a reduced price  and/or free, including lower membership fees for NAHFE members
  • Training scholarships from SEA
  • Network with other Hispanic Federal Executives
  • Workshops on how to advance: (Some under development and could be combined)
    • Your career
    • Your understanding of Hispanics within the Federal Government and the increasing power of Hispanics within society in general
    • Your understanding of techniques and ideas on how to recruit, retain and and develop Hispanic professionals
  • Advocacy opportunities
  • Career counseling, advice, and mentoring
  • Assistance in applying for political appointments
  • Links to Hispanic Organizational networks
  • Establishing a sense of community among Hispanic
  • Belonging to an organization recognized by private and government entities as one of the leaders in representing Hispanic interests
  • Notification of NHLA Events (National Association Leadership Agenda) which is an organization that consist of over 40 of the most prominent National Hispanic organizations.

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